Upside App Review: 6 Things To Know Before You Sign Up (2024)

Are you always looking for cheap gas in your neighborhood but end up going to the same place every time? You can find gas stations and other participating businesses near you that offer cash back with Upside (formerly GetUpside).

Editor’s note: GetUpside rebranded to Upside on April 26, 2022. This review was originally written when the app name was GetUpside. All references to GetUpside have been updated to Upside.

Everything You Need To Know About the Upside Cash Back App

Upside partners with businesses to give you cash back on everyday purchases. Most of them are gas stations, but in some areas there are restaurant, grocery and convenience store offers as well.

The program started in 2016 and continues to expand its partnerships with more cash back options. Over the years I’ve used it, Upside has added and notified me of new offers in my area.

In this article, I’ll outline the six steps you need to use Upside:

  1. Download the App
  2. Find Participating Businesses in Your Area
  3. Claim an Offer
  4. Complete Your Claimed Deal
  5. Upload the Receipt or Check In
  6. Cash Out

Step 1: Download the App

Using the Upside app is the only way to participate in this cash back program. Once you download it, create an account using your email, Apple ID, Google login or Facebook login information.

The app will also ask to access your location so that it can identify relevant deals for you.

Step 2: Find Participating Businesses in Your Area

Once you enable location services in the app, Upside will show you the deals closest to you. You can view the offers on the map or in a list.

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The available categories are gas, restaurants, groceries and convenience.

These categories show you where to find participating businesses and how much cash back you will get on your purchase.

There is also a gift icon on the right side of the map screen: This is the “Free Gas Referral” section. It gives you additional rewards every time someone you refer to the app buys gas.

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Step 3: Claim an Offer

It’s best to claim offers just before you make your purchase. That’s because Upside puts a timer, which typically lasts a few hours, on each offer.

Before you claim an offer, make sure to comparison shop. If the deal is for gas, use an app like GasBuddy, or take a look at local prices on Google Maps.

Comparison shopping for the lowest overall price is always a better deal. Don’t go somewhere just because it offers an incentive.

If you see an Upside deal that looks good to you, click the “Claim” button to activate the offer and start the timer.

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Step 4: Complete Your Claimed Deal

To view offers that you have claimed, go to the “Claimed Offers” section of the menu in the upper left-hand corner.

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This list also tells you how long you have to claim each offer. To successfully complete the deal, you need to make your purchase in the set time frame and use a credit card.

If you don’t think you’ll be able to complete the deal in the time you have left, click the “Unclaim” button in the upper right-hand corner on the offer page.

Step 5: Upload the Receipt or Check In

One of the best things about Upside is that you don’t need to enter your credit card or banking information to get cash back. Instead, you just upload the receipt from your claimed deal.

To upload your receipt and complete the deal, go to an offer you’ve claimed and click “Upload Receipt.”


Take a picture of the entire receipt and wait for Upside to scan it. After it’s finished, a checklist pops up to tell you if the app was able to read the information it needed from your receipt.

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At some establishments, you can check in rather than scan your receipt. In order to use this method, you must have previously scanned receipts into the app.

Check-in enabled offers are indicated by a blue shield icon next to a deal.

To check in, claim an offer with the blue shield icon. Then make your purchase and check in on the app.

When you check in, Upside will compare the offer location to your current location. If you’ve left the offer location, you’ll have to upload the receipt instead. However, if you’re still there and your GPS is accurate, you can click “Check In” and Upside will verify your offer.

Upside verifies your purchase by comparing merchant records to the last four digits of credit cards that you have in your Upside wallet.

Upside says it never has access to your entire credit card number.

Upside App Review: 6 Things To Know Before You Sign Up (6)

Upside says it can take up to 10 days to process the receipt and for the money to be available in your account. Each time I’ve used Upside, the cash back showed up in my account within a day. I was notified by email when my cash back had been credited.

Step 6: Cash Out!

You can take out your money by going to the menu in the app and clicking “Cash Out.”

Upside gives you the option to cash out via PayPal, your bank account or digital gift card. Some payment methods require a minimum dollar amount in order to withdraw any money from your account.


If you want to get your money via PayPal or bank account, there is a $1 service fee unless you meet the minimum withdrawal. The fee-free minimum is $15 for PayPal and $10 for a bank account. You can also eliminate this fee by referring a friend to Upside.

Digital gift cards are available only in round, pre-set dollar amounts.

Upside Review

The Upside app is a legitimate way to earn cash back at participating gas stations, restaurants, grocery and convenience stores. My area does not have grocery offers yet, but there are tons of gas and restaurant deals available and a few convenience store offers in the app, too. Here are a few tips and perks I enjoyed while using the Upside app:

Easy claim and upload process: Upside provides clear instructions to help you along the way.

No credit card or bank information necessary: Ilike that I did not need to link a credit card to participate and that I didn’t need to link a bank account to get the money out of my Upside account.

Comparison shopping: Remember that an offer on Upside might not always be the best deal for your wallet, so always comparison shop deals with other everyday prices.

Have you used Upside or another cash back program? Tell us about it in our community!

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Upside App Review: 6 Things To Know Before You Sign Up (2024)


What is the downside of upside? ›

Potential Downsides of The Upside App

You also should remember that there's no discount at the time of purchase, because Upside does not work like a coupon or discount code. You'll have to wait for your purchase to be verified to receive your cash back.

What's the catch with the Upside app? ›

What's the Catch With Upside? There are several catches. For starters, you can only earn cashback rewards for up to 50 gallons of fuel. We also noticed that some offers were less than advertised—roughly 40 cents less in one instance.

How much does Upside pay per gallon? ›

If you're looking for some creative ways to save money, be sure to check out the Upside App for gas savings! Earn up to $0.25/gallon cash back on your first fill-up with code CACTUS25 or get an extra 10% in cashback on your first order of $10 or more (max savings of $10) with code CACTUS10.

What's better, Fetch or Upside? ›

Fetch, best for turning every purchases into points., best for cash back on groceries. RetailMeNot, best for cash back from a long-standing coupon site. Upside, best for cents off gallons of gas and more.

Is it safe to link upside to bank account? ›

Providing secure read-only access to your Personal Bank Account and Debit or Credit cards. To use Upside, we will redirect you to your bank via Plaid Financial Ltd who will enable you to securely and safely connect your Personal Bank Account or Credit Cards to the Upside Platform.

Is GasBuddy or Upside better? ›

Upside has greater cashback potential than GasBuddy. Both apps offer similar gas deals at the pumps, but Upside offers a broader range of other deals. Upside offers cash back at over 50,000 restaurants, grocery markets, and supermarkets while GasBuddy offers cash back at only a couple dozen national chains.

What's better than upside? ›

Checkout 51 and Trunow have some of the higher-paying gas offers, but it's worth experimenting with several Upside alternatives to see how much you save. Also note that you can try using a gas rewards credit card to save on gas.

How does Upside know you paid for gas? ›

Once you find a gas station to fill up, you can “claim” the offer in the app. You have to use a debit or credit card to pay—not cash or EBT. Otherwise, you won't receive the cash-back reward. After you pay the full posted price at the pump, you can either submit a photo of your receipt or use the “Check In” feature.

Can I use GasBuddy and Upside together? ›

Yes! When entering your Pay with GasBuddy card into your My Wallet, make sure you enter your card numbers as shown below.

Which is better, Ibotta or Upside? ›

For example, Ibotta is one of the best cash-back grocery apps. But Upside has better savings opportunities for gas purchases. Using multiple cash-back apps for different purposes may help you increase your savings.

Which app pays the most for receipts? ›

The 7 Best Receipt Scanning Apps to Get the Most Cash Back
App NameApp Rating*Estimated Annual Earnings**
Ibotta4.8 ⭐$20-$100
ReceiptPal4.5 ⭐$10-25
Receipt Hog4.7 ⭐$10-25
CoinOut4.6 ⭐$20-36
3 more rows
Apr 12, 2024

Is there a catch to fetch? ›

What's the catch? First, it does take a while to earn points. I'm a pretty lazy Fetch-user, meaning that I remember to log about 25% of all receipts I get. However, I averaged four $10 gift cards last year!

What is the upside downside potential? ›

The upside/downside ratio is a financial metric used to compare the potential for gain (upside) against the potential for loss (downside) in an investment. It's important because it helps investors understand the risk-reward tradeoff of an investment.

Why is upside risk a risk? ›

Upside risk focuses on uncertain positive returns rather than negative returns. For this reason, upside risk, while a measure of unpredictability of the extent of gains, is not a “risk” in the sense of a possibility of adverse outcomes.

Does Upside sell your information? ›

We only collect what we need to, and we never sell your data.

Why is Upside not giving me cash back? ›

Share the receipt

Retailers sometimes forget or delay sending us transaction data. When this happens for offers that don't require a receipt, we cannot reconcile your claim. You'll need to contact us with proof of purchase.


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