ProSouth No Guts No Glory -- July 5 (2024)

ProSouth No Guts No Glory -- July 5 (1)
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From Larry Goodman:

In breaking news...ProSouth Champion Aaron Dallas and KayJay Impala are the new tag team champions. They defeated Serpent Ninja Academy in the Members Only Match taped after last week's show making

On to this week...

Dallas is still the ProSouth Champion and still has been unable to pin Impala. Atonement left them before the issue was decided and clearly covets their newly won tag team championship.

The teams for the lunacy that will be the Family or Freedom trios match to determine Cameron Keast's future are locked in. Keast & Ace & Amy Haven vs Shean Christopher & Ravenna Vein & Caeden Ooten) with the Haven's oppositional defiant children Harley and Trace in their corner.

All-Out Championship #1 contender Brother Azriel continued his winning ways while he awaits Ayden Andrews' return from injury for his title shot.

Viewers were treated to the three faces of Gibson. All three alter egos: Referee Matthew, Bucky and Adam Warski made their return, presumably for one night only.

Two matches were announced for next week: Hakeem Young vs Saul Wright and another confrontation between Brandon Whatley and Manbearpig.

A dead crowd did this show no favors and took several of the segments down.

Wicked Nemesis and Mathias Darkthorne on commentary. Ft. Worth and Joe Wood were the refs. Joseph Void was the ring announcer.

(1) Jake Franklin defeated Ozzy Owens in 7:06. Ozzy powwerbombed the bejeezus out of Franklin and stacked him up. Match appeared over but Jake was not to be denied.Franklin leveled Owens with a famouser off the ropes to secure the pinfall.

Owens in the best shape of his budding career Not one of Franklin's better nights. Suspending disbelief for the size disparity was a challenge until the finish which looked great.

Owens quit the promotion after the match. Said he was mistreated superstar in the making and went off on EVERYONE -- fans, management, security, the ref -- Darkthorne ordered him to get out of the ring. Security brought hi bag from locker room and escorted Owens out the front door.

I would have thought Owens actions would get heat but this was a tough crowd.

(2) Shean Christopher (with Ravenna Vein & Trace Haven) defeated Saul Wright in 13:37. Shean was making frequent trips outside the ring, not necessarily of his volition. Trace got in Saul's way. Ravenna got in his face. That was all the daylight Shean needed. A protracted beating was in store for Saul. Wright kept trying for an exploder suplex on the comeback and eventually hit an avalanche exploder suplex that reads better than it looked. Christopher kicked out at the last split second. Saul called for the Johnny Paycheck. Christopher cut Saul off with the Beelzebutt to pull out the win.

Lifeless crowd, no great shakes for chemistry and no need for 13 minutes of this to get the point across. Highlight was 9 year-old Trace punching Saul in the mouth a couple of times. Saul is positioned as an underdog of Joe Biden proportions going into the grudge match with Hakeem next week.

Brandon Whatley promo.There were many things that did not sit well with him -- screwed out of the Gold Rush briefcase and the ProSouth Championship, he takes one week off and his minions lose the tag team title. Tonight, Commissioner Amy put him in a match with Brother Azriel to intimidate him but he was going to crush Az and devour him whole.

(3) Brother Azriel defeated Brandon Whatley in 12:30. Whatley attacked Az from behind before the bell. Az fired back and hit a half nelson slam. Whatley scrambled to the floor and the brawl continued on the outside. Az scored the first near fall with a spinebuster. Whatley took Az off his feet with one stiff kick under the chin. Whatley unleashed the strikes and trapped Az in an Anaconda Vise. Az fought his way out and willed himself back into the match Az got all of a jumping splash. Whatley was suffering but was able to block the Wood Grain. Whatley got back on Az's knee. Whatley paused to "center his chi" before going for the scissors kick. Az dodged the move and countered with a german suplex. Whatley again fought off the Wood Grain but his roundhouse kick up side the head felled to get the job done. Az planted Whatley with a uranage and hit the Wood Grain piledriver to score a clean win over the former ProSouth Champion.

They got time and delivered a quality, high-impact brawl. Happy to see Whatley in a singles match he could sink his teeth in. Az has been having one good match after another, demonstrating why he is the rightful number one contender for the All-Out Championship. He's been selling the knee a lot and I won't be surprised to see that figure into the title match when it happens.

Whatley's situation went from bad to worse/ Commissioner Amy informed him Redneck Brawler "Manbearpig" Ryan Anselman was returning to the ProSouth Palace next week.

Amy said Ace was a no show for his scheduled YouTube title match with Caeden Ooten. Out came YouTube Moderator Adam Warski. Seems Amy ever relieved him of his YouTube moderator duties therefore...

(4) "Sleazy C" Caeden Ooten (with Harley Haven) defeated Cameron Keast (with Amy Haven) to retain the YouTube Championship in 6:43. Christopher distracted the ref from one side of the ring while Trace climbed into the ring from the other side. Keast stopped dead in tracks. Ravenna jumped on the apron and punched Keast in the noggin. Harley jumped up and spit green mist in Keast's face. All of this while referee Joe Wood steadfastly kept his back turned. Ooten gave Keast a springboard punch for the 1-2-3.

Nice switcheroo. The match was OK. The ridiculous but fun finish was all that really mattered.

Shean shook hands with Harley. Shean, Ravenna and Ooten surrounded Keast on the apron. Amy slid a chair into the ring and got into the ring with a chair of her own. Amy and Cam stood back-to-back. Keast threw a fireball. The heels backed down. Keast addressed the devilish trios match Harley proposed last week: Even if Ace returned to his partner, he still needed a third man.Amy said that if Ravenna was in the match, he didn't need another man, he needed the Queen of the South.

The babyface parents and their closest confident on one side, their sworn enemies and their heel children on the other. Cam's future hangs in the balance. That's a must see for any ProSouth fan worth their salt.

Hakeem Young video promo. Young was sick of Wright sticking his nose in Serpent business every week. Saul was hurt that he took Bobcat and the tag team title away from him and next week Hakeem was taking the last piece on the puzzle, the Young Lion's Cup.

Nice. Short and to the point and spoken with the proper haughty attitude.

(5) Aaron Dallas retained the ProSouth Championship vs. KayJay Impala when the match being ruled a no contest at 10:09. Before the bell, Bucky returned and addressed his amazing similarity to Adam Warski by claiming he and Warski were twin cousins. Bucky said he was going to get the only man fit to referee this match. Bucky went into the phone booth backstage and returned as GHW referee of the year nominee Matthew Gibson.

Match was tit for tat counters and escapes almost the entire way. Near the finish, Impala got a close near fall with a cutter and Dallas did likewise with a stunner.With both men down after a stout exchange of strikes, they were simultaneously attacked by Atonement (Dameon Ceretone & Christian Pierce).

I really liked the way the worked this match with all the counter wrestling, building the intensity without either wrestling sustaining and an advantage or being able to hit a big move until the end.

Ceretone coerced Gibson into raising his hand, then put his lights out with one punch. Atonement laid the the tag team champions to waste with their finishing moves. Ceretone had Impala in his sights for belt shot. AD jumped in front of Impala and took the bullet. Certetone hit Impala with the belt anyway. Atonement stood over the unconscious champions with their belts to close the show.

It was impressive how creative was able to pivot from the ProSouth Championship to the tag team title without the non-finish feeling horribly disappointing, and a credit to the strength of AD and Impala as babyfaces and Atonements as heels.

ProSouth No Guts No Glory -- July 5 (2024)


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