Arcane Lineage - Complete Beginner's Guide (2024)

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Everything you would want to know!

byAlexis Ongsansoy

You either know everything there is to know when playing new games like Roblox’s Arcane Lineage right at the start, or you’re completely stumped given how the game doesn’t enjoy holding your hand as much. If you’re the latter then it’s to be expected, most RPGs are like that after all.

But don’t worry, your hands are safe with us! We’ll guide you through the basics of the game until you’re able to play around on your own. Now let’s take a tour of the town you’ll be starting at once you load in.

  • Complete Beginner’s Guide
    • Getting Started
    • Meditation
    • Classes
    • Bounty Board
    • Combat

Complete Beginner’s Guide

At the start of the game, you’ll spawn in Caldera. Think of this as the central hub of the game as this is where you’ll manage your armor, choose classes for your character, quests, and weapons. There’s a teleporter in the middle of the town so you won’t have any difficulty finding the various shops and services lying around as long as you use that as a landmark.

Getting Started

You won’t see much on your screen at the start aside from your character’s name on the lower left side of your screen. The other things you can see is the amount of health that you have along with your gold and essence. Essence is marked by the blue flame icon underneath your health bar. You can get more gold and essence by going to the bounty board in front of the weapons shop.

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When you’re done choosing a weapon for the class you want to play as, head to the front of the weapons shop again and stand on the red carpet to meditate. After you get enough essence, press “M” on the carpet.

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This will take you to the Spirit Domain, a place where you can turn your essence in for Strength, Arcane, Endurance, Speed, or Luck. Here’s a quick description of each stat if you’re aiming for a specific build:

  • Strength – Increases your damage output.
  • Arcane – Increases the range and damage of attacks that uses magic.
  • Endurance – Increases the amount of health you have.
  • Speed – Increases your movement speed and lets you move ahead of everyone else.
  • Luck – Increases your crit chance along with loot drops.
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Now run to the opposite side of the room when you get your class for the first time along with soul points. You get soul points from defeating bosses. Interact with the floating eye to get access to three paths. These paths will consist of Destruction, Empowerment, and Sundry.

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Investing into Destruction will further increase your damage output. Empowerment will give you more bonuses to your health. We recommend starting with Sundry first as the first few branches will give significant bonuses to your gold and essence gain.

This is great because what you invest in these paths will carry on to your next character if you ever make one. Which means you’ll spend less time grinding the further you progress through the tree.

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Classes in the game will be further divided into subclasses as you get stronger. But to start with the basics, head over to the weapons shop again to choose your first weapon. Each weapon will lead you down to a subclass, here’s what you can expect from each weapon:

  • Sword – Berseker / Paladin
  • Dagger – Assassin / Rogue
  • Spear – Impaler / Saint
  • Staff – Necromancer / Elementalist
  • Your Fists – Dark Wraith / Monk

For the super classes, you’ll need to go to certain trainers you can find on different locations in the game. For reference, you can check our Arcane Lineage – Super Class Guide.

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Bounty Board

The Bounty Board will be your bread and butter for the most part of the beginning of the game. It’s easy to find as its right in front of the weapons shop, which is also just to the left of the meditation carpet. The bounties you take will get you more gold and essence as you progress. The quests will range from fetching items to defeating a certain number of mobs.

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Think of the combat as if it were Pokémon or Final Fantasy. Why? Because the gameplay relies on turns, whenever you encounter an enemy party you will have at least five options to choose from for your actions. These would be Attack, Item, Guard, Meditate, and Escape. Choose one action and then the game will make you choose your target next. Here’s what each action can do for you:

  • Attack – Attacks your enemy, if you have other skills besides the basic strike attack more options will pop up.
  • Item – Use items that can help you during battle, such as health potions.
  • Meditate – Receive one energy at the cost of giving yourself a debuff.
  • Guard – Blocks an incoming attack.
  • Escape – Attempt to escape from battle. You have a 20% base chance to do so. If you fail the fight will continue.
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And that will do for the complete beginner’s guide for Arcane Lineage. Keep taking in quests around Caldera and you’ll get to the Desert in no time! We also have a mage guide if you happen to favor magic over everything else.

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Arcane Lineage - Complete Beginner's Guide (2024)


How to level up in Arcane Lineage Roblox? ›

You can level up by meditating on mats by pressing M. You can find these mats in each of the cities in the game. After meditating you will be sent to the spirit domain where you must locate the white orb named "Aretim". Interact with him to level up.

How to learn skills in Arcane Lineage? ›

Skills can be acquired through class progression, leveling up (skills acquired vary depending on race), completing certain quests, or using scrolls (some skills learned from scrolls are class exclusive and will only work in battle if you are the necessary class).

Is Arcane Lineage permadeath? ›

Arcane Lineage is a punishing turn based combat hardcore permadeath rpg styled after Rogue Lineage and based on a game called Platform Battles.

What does the weird accessory do in Arcane Lineage? ›

Accessories Collapse
Tier ITier IIEffect
Weird AccesoryHeadWearing causes you to take 1.5x~ more incoming damage. You can get this from Kuur; be warned as he takes all the gold you've got on you. When worn, your character is shown to have 2 cat ears.
19 more rows

Is it worth Levelling up arcane? ›

- Some weapons scale really well with arcane so it's definitely worth leveling if you plan to use one of those weapons. - I wouldn't recommend the straight sword you're thinking of getting as your main weapon for too long. It does scale with arcane, but it doesn't have any buildup (bleed, poison, etc.)

How to obtain a super class in Arcane Lineage? ›

If you have any Alignment then you cannot get any of them. However, Neutral Super Classes cost more than Orderly and Chaotic. You must be Level 15 to obtain them, however to fully upgrade them you must be minimum level 23.

How to get Daze in Arcane Lineage? ›

When asked for help Yorn will tell you to kill three slimes and come back once you have. After killing three slimes he will reward you with 50 gold and the skill "Daze" which is a very useful skill especially early to mid game.

How to become chaotic in Arcane lineage? ›

You can gain Chaos by doing NPC quests the “evil” way. (i.e. giving the Alchemy Student the wrong potion). The second way to gain Chaos is to drink Heartbreaking potions (NOTE: you must drink the potions first BEFORE completing the quests).

How to get phoenix tears in Arcane lineage? ›

Can be obtained as a boss drop from the dragon, Yar'Thul.

What does Soul Vault do in Arcane Lineage? ›

The Soul Vault part of the tree is a storage space that allows you to transfer items between runs/characters. Soul Vault can deposit 1 Piece of Item. Talk to NPC named "Teller" for access Soul Vault.

Is there a way to get more lives in Arcane Lineage? ›

Lives can be restored with a Phoenix Tear for players on normal and hard mode. Players on legendary mode can be revived in battle with a Light of Grace. Once you lose all your lives, your character is permanently deleted, and you must start a new one.

What does speed do in Arcane Lineage? ›

Speed. Increases your movement speed, window to dodge and block, and increases the chance to escape from a battle. At high enough Speed, you will be able to block unblockable moves and dodge undodgeable moves.

What does pinpoint do in Arcane Lineage? ›

Pinpoint: Higher flat increase to Crit Chance. Precision: Higher flat increase to Crit Damage. Vitality: Adds on a percentage of your Health stat.

How to get cursed in Arcane Lineage? ›

Obtainment. Do a battle with a Venom Shroom. Get hit by their Toxic Burst move while you have the poisoned status effect. You will receive the cursed status effect.

How do you level up arcane? ›

An Arcane can be ranked up by sacrificing duplicate unranked Arcanes of the same type, increasing their effects. This can be done inside the Orbiter: ESC > EQUIPMENT > ARCANES.

How do you level up arcane legends? ›

Now you may be asking, "How do I become such a high level so quickly?" Well, the answer is simple. Quests. Quests can give you varying amounts of exp and gold. Targetting specific quests that give the most exp and/or gold is an easy way to level up quickly without all the grinding or paytowin stuff.

How many levels does Arcane have? ›

The current max level is 140, increasing from 136 after the Mistral Update. The final level cap will be around 600.


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