All Hidden Cache Locations in Sneaky Sasquatch (2024)

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Within the landscape of Sneaky Sasquatch, there are a total of 28 hidden caches for players to find. Most of these hidden caches can be found on secret paths just out of sight. Make sure to check the far edges of the maps in order to find the way!

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All Hidden Cache Locations in Sneaky Sasquatch (1)
  1. Campground B - Players will need to follow the less noticeable path just north of the B sign. This path will curve left and lead to a small inlet in the trees with the first cache inside the orange box.
  2. Campground C - North of the path into Campground C, players can find the second hidden cache behind the waterfall. It'll be in the cave off to the right side.
  3. Ranger Station - At the Ranger Station, follow the slight path on the left side of the building, between the station and the payphone. This will lead to a further northern path where the cache will sit just under a cliffside.
  4. RV Site C - North of the C RV site, players can find a small path to the right of the outhouse that leads to another cache.
  5. RV Site B - From this RV site, players can follow the path across the road with warning signs. Head past the bear and into the cave. Once inside, players will need to go into the upper left corner and follow the minecart tracks up. At the end of these tracks, head to the tracks on the right and go into the opening to the north. Keep straight here to reach the cache.
  6. The Lake - Head down to the lake and follow the shore off to the left. This will reveal a path to follow. Follow it all the way through to find this cache.
  7. The Maze - On the other side of the lake, players can find a maze. To reach this, players will need to canoe across the lake. Inside this maze, players can find the hidden cache in the top right corner. Simply follow the path into the maze, at the first branch go up, then take the next two rights. This will lead to an opening on the right side of the maze. Go to the outer wall and head south to find the cache.
  8. Lower Right Golf Course - At the golf course, head to the opening at the bottom right. Here players will simply need to hit a golf ball into the hole to unlock the cache here. There should be a golf ball available to use out in the parking lot.
  9. Hole 4 - Across the street from the fourth hole on the Golf Course, players can find a path that leads to another hidden cache. Here players will have to score a hole in one to unlock the cache. For reference, the hole is on the other side of the pond here.
  10. The Golf Course Podium - To the left of the first, second, and third-place podium, players can find the last of the Golf Course caches. This will require players to get another hole in one.
  11. Bus Station - From the bus station, head south into the woods. This longer path will lead to another cache.
  12. The Race Track Parking - In the parking lot of the race track, head to the lower-left corner. Walk down the path. On the other side, players will need to use the car parked on the northern path to pass the beehive. Head down the stairs past the beehive and around the pond to reach this cache.
  13. The Race Track Podium - Head to the winner podiums at the Race Track and follow the path up to the north. Move the car out of the way to reach the cache back here.
  14. The Sawmill - Grab a Hard Hat from inside the Sawmill and equip it. Then enter the Hard Hat Area and duck under the saw through the green door. On the backside of the Sawmill, head left until the Sasquatch can be seen. The cache will be here in the far left corner.
  15. The Summit Hut - Past the Summit Hut at the top of the mountain, players can find this cache inside the cave. Follow the upper right pathway to reach a canoe in the water. Use the canoe to reach the other side of the cave where the cache is hidden.
  16. Driving Range - Players will need to head to the Golf Course's Driving Range with a scuba suit to reach this one. Hit a golf ball from the range into the middle of the lake, then scuba down inside the lake to find the cache. Once underwater, simply hit the ball into the hole to unlock the cache.

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Hidden Caches in town

All Hidden Cache Locations in Sneaky Sasquatch (2)
  1. Snake River - Drive into town and follow the hidden path to the south through a patch of forest. Use the canoe in the river to reach the cache at the center of the lake.
  2. Gas Station - In the upper right corner beside the gas station, players can find a time-based cache. This cache will only be available to players at four in the morning. Players can tell what time it is by winning a watch from playing games at the arcade. To make it until then, players will need to purchase coffee for Sasquatch.
  3. The Police Station - Players will need to get an apartment in town before they can get this cache. Once done, sleep at the apartment and head to the police station immediately to get there at nine in the morning. Park on the road to the left of the police station and follow the path left between the fencing and the woods. Players may need to use fast shoes and a fast car to reach it in time.
  4. The Museum - Use the puppy's Search ability off to the right of the museum sign to uncover to buried key. Head down to the left corner of the dig sites here, to find a cache hidden in the inlet of the woods.
  5. The Sewer Waterfall - After opening the path in the sewers, players can find the first of the sewer caches. Climb down the ladder at the very bottom of the sewers and go into the sewer waterfall. It'll be in the back right corner.
  6. RCorp - This cache can be found behind Rcorp, but players can only access this area via the sewers. It requires the pin pad code 3371 to get back to this ladder. It'll be right beside the dumpster.
  7. Sewer Scuba - Dive into the lower-left section of the sewers south of the bank section. Follow the path leading up and then to the right to find the final sewer cache.
All Hidden Cache Locations in Sneaky Sasquatch (3)
  1. The Marina - To the right of the Marina, players can find a path into the woods. Follow the path into the woods and place a beach ball here to receive the cache. Players can get a beach ball from the island nearby, using the ferry.
  2. The Rich Duck's Island - Take a small boat over to the Rich Duck's island in order to find the next cache. It'll be to the right of the home and a small pond. To unlock it, players will need to catch a fish out of the pond.
  3. Western Sandbar - Off to the western end of the map at sea, players can find a sandbar with a bush and the cache. To unlock this cache, players will need to open the safe at the northern end of the sandbar. The code is retrieved by purchasing a camera, becoming a level three photographer, and using the zoom lens to take a picture of the sign at the bottom of the sandbar.
  4. The SS Pemberton - This cache is located on the sunken SS Pemberton. Go scuba diving off of the marina, it'll be near the center bottom section of this underwater area. Players will need to find the crack in the hull to enter it. Inside, it's on the far left end.
  5. Pirate Treasure - Scuba dive off of the bottom left side of the Rich Duck's island to find the pirate ship. Collect the key from the chest in the pirate ship. Then players can take a speedboat off of the island to the pirate's secret cave. Scuba dive from the small beach to reach the cave. The cache is behind a door with a skull on it.

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All Hidden Cache Locations in Sneaky Sasquatch (2024)


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