AEW Collision Results 6/29/24 (2024)

On the eve of Forbidden Door, AEW is giving up some showcase matches tonight on Collision:

  • Hechicero vs. Kevin Blackwood
  • Orange Cassidy & Tomohiro Ishii vs. TMDK
  • Serena Deeb vs. Kelly Madan
  • Stephanie Vaquer vs. Lady Frost
  • Daniel Garcia vs. The Butcher
  • El Phantasmo, Konosuke Takesh*ta, & Jack Perry vs. Dante Martin, Lio Rush, & Mark Briscoe
  • Women’s Owen Hart Cup Quarterfinal: Hikaru Shida vs. Deonna Purrazzo

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AEW Collision 6/29/24

From the KeyBank Center in Buffalo, New York! Excalibur and Nigel McGuinness are on the call tonight and we’re starting with a tag team contest.

Match #1. Tomohiro Ishii & Orange Cassidy vs. TMDK

TMDK tonight are Shane Haste and Robbie Eagles, in case you were wondering. Cassidy eats a few shoulder blocks and doesn’t budge. Ishii gets the tag and he squares up with everyone. Double shoulder block to Haste. Hard chops by Ishii but both men tag out and Eagles and Cassidy are in. Step-up arm drag and hurricanrana by Eagles. Arm drags by Cassidy now and a flying mare. Cassidy introduces Eagles into the top turnbuckle a bunch but Haste clips the ankle and low bridges Ishii. A pair of suicide dives by TMDK and they’re in control throughout the commercial. Cassidy posts Haste and makes the tag to Ishii. Shoulder blocks to everyone now. Ishii eats a boot by Haste but responds with a Saito for two. Cassidy tags himself in as he and Ishii take turns chopping Haste in the corner. Vertical suplex by Ishii and an elbow drop by Cassidy. Two count. Haste ducks an Orange Punch and catches Cassidy with a Falcon Arrow before tagging Eagles. Enziguiri by Eagles but Cassidy catches him with Stundog Millionaire. Ishii is here with a headbutt and a big lariat to Haste. Eagles gets a hold of Cassidy with a nifty roll up for two. Eagles looks for a figure four it seems like but Cassidy shoves him off into the turnbuckle and catches him with BeachBreak on the way back! One, two, three!

Winners: Orange Cassidy & Tomohiro Ishii

Rating: **3/4. Fine match here. and anytime we get to see Ishii on TV I’m happy.

A video package of Hangman Page is shown! Hangman seems like he’s fallen on some dark times.

The Learning Tree tell the trainers that they should be taping wrists differently.

Match #2. Stephanie Vaquer vs. Lady Frost

Mercedes Mone is here to watch from the ringside. Scissor takedown by Vaquer right into an STF. Fight spills to the outside and Frost comes off the steps with an arm drag. Handstand on the apron by Frost but Vaquer superkicks her in the face! Mone looks on from ringside as she jaws with Vaquer, who is back in the ring now and putts the boots to Frost in the corner as we head to commercial. Back from break and Frost escapes a piledriver and lands a big lariat. Roundhouse kick by Frost and an enziguiri. Cannonball in the corner by Frost for two. Tornillo off the top by Frost for two. Superkick by Vaquer and a DDT for two. Frost cartwheels over Vaquer and dropkicks her in the back. Frost misses a corner charge and Vaquer headbutts the heck out of her. Inverted dragon screw in the corner by Vaquer. Package backbreaker by Vaquer gets this one done.

Winner: Stephanie Vaquer

Rating: **3/4. Nice showing by Vaquer but the commercial break did this one no favors.

Lucha Bros are here with Lexi Nair. Here comes Takahashi. Hiromu challenges the Lucha Bros for Forbidden Door, and Lucha Bros are bringing Mistico.

Match #3. Serena Deeb vs Kelly Madan

Deeb with some hard chops in the corner and here we go. Neckbreaker through the ropes by Deeb and a big lariat. Deebtox. Finito.

Winner: Serena Deeb

Rating: NR

Deeb says she won’t be put into wrestling purgatory just because she lost the title shot. Deeb wants someone to wrestle who’s on the professor’s level. Here’s Riho! Riho seemingly accepts and Deeb doesn’t love it.

The Learning Tree wants to teach someone how to ride a Zamboni, but Samoa Joe is here! The brawl started in the back but spills into the ringside area. Hook and Shibata are here, too, by the way. Fight is in the ring now but here’s Jeff Cobb! Cobb clears house and we’ve got a staredown with Samoa Joe! Hockey fight! Spinebuster by Cobb! Cobb has been enlisted by The Learning Tree.

Match #4. Hechicero vs. Kevin Blackwood

Both guys trade positions to start. Running knee in the corner by Hechicero Double armbar now and some leg drops to the head from a seated position. Mad Scientist Bomb by Hechichero and he finishes this would with the double armbar using the legs.

Winnher: Hechichero

Rating: NR

Lexi Nair is here with The Patriarchy. Christian says he’s been carrying the company on his shoulders and all of the trios titles are going to look great on the shoulders of The Patriarchy. Here comes the Bang Bang Gang. Jay White wants to know what kind of father says the words “I quit”? White says it’s a real shame Mama Wayne had to drink so much during the pregnancy, and then wonders which one is the wife and which one is the dinosaur. White says he’ll be happy to let Christian breathe with The Switchblade. Guns up.

Match #5. Danny Garcia vs. The Butcher

Matt Menard has joined the commentary table and it’s the Battle of Buffalo! The fans come alive as both of these guys are Buffalo natives, with Garcia greeting his family in the front row. Strong lock up and Butcher boots Garcia to the ground in the corner. Garcia fires back and dropkicks the knee, and then the face. Depleting crossbody by Butcher and Garcia gets dumped to the outside. Butcher bounces Garcia off the LED board a few times and back suplexes him on the top of it! Avalanche in the corner back inside the ring and a backbreaker by Butcher, and a snap suplex. Jawbraker by Garcia to stop the momentum but Butcher runs through him with a huge lariat. Cloverleaf by Butcher now in the middle of the ring as Garcia has to crawl to the ropes. Garcia breaks the hold and both guys are trading in the center of the ring. Big boot by Garcia. A second one. Both men jockey over a suplex but Garcia counters with a rolling neckbreaker. Mounted punches in the corner by Garcia but Butcher walks him out into a powerbomb, but Garcia lands on his feet. Big lariat by Garcia! Garcia wants a piledriver and STICKS it! One, two, three!

Winner: Danny Garcia

Rating: ***. The crowd was super into this one and it felt like the only match tonight they’ve really come alive for. Butcher got a lot and his offense looked good, but Garcia’s on a huge roll. Good stuff.

Garcia and Butcher share a moment in the ring as we’re reminded that Garcia is wrestling Will Ospreay this Wednesday at Beach Break.

Lexi Nair is with Will Ospreay in the back. Ospreay says things have become personal but there won’t be any physicality tonight, he can wait 24 hours to cave his head in. Here comes the Don Callis Family. Callis says he’s got some ideas for how to beat Swerve, but Ospreay says he wants to do this one alone. Callis says it’s okay, and The Family is happy. Will asks for some backup tonight though, for the weigh-in, and Fletcher obliges. Rush walks in the frame as we go to commercial.

Jack Perry says he has no interest in wrestling tonight, as per he’s focused on Forbidden Door. Christopher Daniels is here and says if Jack doesn’t wrestle tonight, he’s taking him out of the ladder match tomorrow.

Match #6. Owen Hart Cup: Hikaru Shida vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Purrazzo backs Shida into the corner and delivers a book, no clean break. Shoulder block by Shida but Purrazzo didn’t move. Step-up enziguiri by Purrazzo. Shida sends Purrazzo into the corner and delivers some mounted punches before tossing her outside and coming off the middle rope with a crossbody. Shida looks for a running knee lift off the apron but Purrazzo moves and stomps the arm, before connecting with a pump kick as we go to commercial. Back from break and Shida is firing in some elbow strikes that sends Purrazzo to her knees. Running knee to the face by Shida and a short-arm clothesline. A pair of jumping knees by Shida. Shida looks for the Falcon Arrow but Purrazzo blocks it with a Russian Leg Sweep. Purrazzo locks in the Fujiwara armbar on the injured arm of Shida but Shida fights to the ropes. Purrazzo misses a pump kick and Shida walks up the top and comes off with an enziguiri. Falcon Arrow! Purrazzo rolls through for two. Kitana by Shida! One, two, three.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

Rating: **3/4. Big upset it feels like here, as Purrazzo has been on a roll. Shida is a former champion of course and the final-four of this tournament will be good stuff.

After the match, Purrazzo pulls Shida off the top rope and back into the ring, grabbing Shida’s kendo stick. Thunder Rosa is here to make the save as Purrazzo taunts her from the floor.

A video package of Jeff Jarrett is shown, discussing his appearance in the Owen Hart Cup.

Match #7 Mark Briscoe, Lio Rush, & Dante Martin vs. Konosuke Takesh*ta, Jack Perry, & El Phantasmo

Takesh*ta with a huge big boot to Rush right out of the gate. Tag to ELP, who he chops in the chest. Dropkick by Rush and here’s Martin. And Briscoe. Forever clotheslines and a dropkick for a one count. ELP connects with an enziguiri but Rush prevents the tag. ELP back body drops Rush into Martin and tries to tag Perry, but Perry bails from the apron because he doesn’t care. Spicy dropkick by Briscoe to Perry. Inside the ring, ELP with a brainbuster to Martin. Takesh*ta gets the tag and tries to show up ELP with a brainbuster of his own. ELP and Takesh*ta now get into a shoving match, allowing Martin to send them over with a double hurricanrana. Don Callis is on commentary, btw. Mark Briscoe gets the tag and it’s Redneck Kung Fu to everyone. Hard chops to ELP and a running clothesline in the corner. Fisherman’s Buster to ELP but Perry breaks up the pinfall. Briscoe thinks about the Jay Driller but ELP counters with a big superkick. Superkick from Rush and a suicide dive to Takesh*ta by Rush. By ELP. By Martin. Frog Splash by Rush and a crossover Frog Splash from the top by Martin. Briscoe misses the Blockbuster on the far side as Perry ducks. Takesh*ta gets the tag and tosses Rush across the entire ring with a release German suplex. Martin flips out of a German but eats a boot. Hurricanrana off the top by Dante to Takesh*ta. Martin goes up top but Perry dumps him off. Blue Thunder Bomb by Takesh*ta! Powerdrive knee and this one is over.

Winners: Konosuke Takesh*ta, Jack Perry, & El Phantasmo

Rating: ***. Cool idea for a match here ahead of the ladder match at Forbidden Door. Fun stuff and it all really adds a nice layer to the already-intriguing match.

Perry hits Takesh*ta with the title, then gets superkicked by ELP. Bottom rope assisted Stunner by Rush to ELP. Martin and Rush both have their hands on the title and Briscoe takes them both out with a ladder. Briscoe then climbs the ladder, throws the title to the floor, and comes off the top of the ladder to the floor with a somersault plancha!

It’s time for the official weigh-in for tomorrow night’s main event. The event is sponsored by Prince Nana and his coffee, as he is also the moderator. Ospreay is up first, coming in at 220lbs. Ospreay was right about Swerve having his whole entourage, as Westside Gunn is here with Swerve as well. Swerve comes in at 230lbs. Swerve and Ospreay are face-to-face and each man grabs their respective championship. Ospreay says 24 hours from now and he’s knocking those dirty ass grills out of Swerve’s mouth, and we usher in a new era… where the best wrestle. He’s Will Ospreay and he’s on another level. Swerve says the pressure is on Ospreay, he’s the champion, he’s been here. Swerve says Ospreay dresses like a bum and he himself dressed like a businessman. Swerve tries to offer Ospreay’s wife a contract, not sure where he was about to go with it but Ospreay pie faces Swerve and a brawl breaks out. Cooler heads prevail and Ospreay levels Swerve with a Hidden Blade as we go to black!

Final Thoughts: A taped episode of Collision, yes, but it all led to Forbidden Door. While not the usual quality of wrestling we’ve come to expect, tonight was more about exposing the international talent ahead of the PPV. The weigh-in really added a nice layer to the main event and it now feels more personal than ever. 7/10.

AEW Collision Results 6/29/24 (2024)


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